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non-technical roles

CMO / Co-Founder

Grow Ideamarket to $1 billion TVL by EOY 2021Argue with the CEO to create and execute a strategy that achieves the above without compromising mission and brand principlesMust be a rock star, top 100 growth marketer in the world with proven track record

Memelord & Community manager
Basically this 👽

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(non-technical only)

technical roles

Smart contract developer
Help launch new markets and features that require smart contract deployments and small adjustmentsBecome intimately familiar with Ideamarket's smart contracts over timeBonus: be able to supervise freelancers and community members for other building tasks

Senior Backend Engineer
Build backend software which directly interacts with Ethereum and Layer 2 scaling solutionsExtend the Ideamarket GraphQL APIs which provide on-chain dataCreate state-of-the-art serverless microservices and databasesEnsure overall system stability, uptime, and performance
About you
You support the vision of Ideamarket and would like to be a part of its futureYou are able to work without much supervisionYou have an eye for detail and create high-quality and well-tested codeYou can coordinate with other employees in different timezonesYou are familiar with Ethereum and the cryptocurrency ecosystem in generalRequired skills
In-depth technical knowledge of Ethereum and its internalsAWS: Lambda, Step Functions, DynamoDB, Cognito, API Gateway,Docker, Docker ComposeConfiguring and maintaining remote Linux serversTypescript, Javascript (Node), Web3Bonus points
Experience building subgraphs (The Graph)Experience building smart contracts

VP Integrations
Supervise part-time developers to build ecosystem integrations between other "DeFi legos" and Ideamarket protocolRequired skills
Front end developmentSmart contract developmentManaging other developers and owning projectsGreat attention to detail

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(technical only)

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